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Safari Bookmarks Lose Sort, Become Unsorted or Revert to Previous State After Running SafariSort


SafariSort sorts all bookmarks but they are later reverted to their previous state. Bookmarks do not hold their sorted order after editing or adding bookmarks.


When enabled iCloud syncing keeps all your Apple applications up to date with recent changes so you have the updates on all your computers and iOS devices. This wonderful cloud syncing is great when it works. Apple unfortunately has had a long standing issue with iCloud syncing and its various capabilities (remember Mobile Me?).

iCloud Bookmark syncing runs continuously in your systems background. It looks for changes and additions and then sends them to iCloud for storage. When you make an unusual amount of changes to your bookmarks iCloud thinks there has been an error so it reverts to a previously stored cloud bookmark listing. If you have multiple computers or iOS devices utilizing iCloud Safari/Bookmark syncing this is further complicated as mass changes are compared to your other devices and the cloud stored bookmarks.

Simply stated Apple assumes an error has occurred so it fixes your bookmarks automatically by reverting to a cloud stored listing.


The below sounds more complicated than it really is... After you have all your computers and iOS devices synced correctly making changes (adding/removing bookmarks) and or running SafariSort in the future will not cause you any issue since the amount of changes will be far less confusing for iCloud. Take a deep breath, grab a cup of coffee and begin.

Step 1

Decide which computer has the best set of bookmarks. This will be the computer you run SafariSort on and the Bookmark listing you will push to iCloud for distribution to your other computers and iOS devices. I will refer to this Mac computer as your "master" in the following steps.

Step 2

If possible, gather all your Mac Computers and iOS Devices in one location.

Step 3

Turn OFF iCloud Safari Syncing on master Mac computer

  • Open "System Preferences" > select "iCloud" > UnCheck "Safari"

Step 4

Run SafariSort to organize your bookmarks on you master Mac computer

Step 5

WAIT! Grab a cup of coffee or take the dogs for a walk! Wait no less than 15 minutes!

Step 6

Grab your iPhone/iPad (iOS device) and MANUALLY delete ALL your bookmarks and Favorites. You will only do this on ONE of your iOS devices.

  1. From the iOS Home screen, tap Safari to open Safari
  2. Tap the Bookmarks icon (located in the lower-right)
  3. Tap Edit (located in the lower-right)
  4. Tap the Minus icon located to the left of the Folder or Bookmark
  5. Tap Delete (located on the right) to confirm
  6. Tap Done
  7. Repeat until ALL bookmarks and Folders have been deleted.

Note: You will have to manually delete bookmarks in your Favorites folder via the above mentioned steps.

Step 7

WAIT! Grab another cup of coffee or take the dogs for another walk! Wait no less than 15 minutes!

Step 8

Turn ON iCloud Safari Syncing on master Mac computer

  • Open "System Preferences" > select "iCloud" > Check "Safari"

  • Select "OK" when/if prompted to merge bookmarks.

Step 9

WAIT! Grab another cup of coffee (I like coffee) or take the dogs for another walk (they will sleep well)! Wait no less than 15 minutes!

Step 10

Be patient Your iOS devices and secondary computers will pull down your updated bookmarks in chunks. After a brief time your fresh bookmarks from your master Mac computer should be on all devices.


Hopefully you are now in Bookmark Nirvana.

Additional Information

Restoring Bookmarks from a SafariSort Backup

From any Finder window select "Go" via the Apple Menu. With "Go" selected press the "option" key on your keyboard. A new option "Library" will appear in the Go menu. Select "Library".

From the Library folder locate and open the folder called "Safari". Inside the Safari folder you will see several files. The backup files are named "Bookmarks.plist_xxxxxxxx-xxxxxx" (Example: Bookmarks.plist_20160731-131537).

Delete the file named "Bookmarks.plist".

Rename your latest backup file to "Bookmarks.plist".

Restoring Bookmarks from a Safari Bookmarks Export File

Open Safari and choose File > Import Bookmarks. Choose the Bookmarks.html file you previously exported.

Restoring Bookmarks from iCloud You can restore bookmarks via the iCloud website. Log into and select "Settings". Scroll to the bottom of the page and select "Restore Bookmarks" under Advanced.