SafariSort - Get Sorted!

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Nobody knows what Apple has against sorting bookmarks. The ability to sort Safari's bookmarks has been long absent and for whatever reason, does not appear to be high on the Safari dev team list.

What is SafariSort?

Several years ago James Howard was asked by a friend to write a script that would sort Safari bookmarks. James whipped up an awesome script he called "Sortosaurus". The mighty little command line utility was an absolute treasure for anal retentive folks across the land.

Sully (yours truly) stumbled across the Sortosaurus script while searching for a way to sort his verbose collection of Safari bookmarks. Sully being the curious and security conscious type didn't want to just blindly run the command line utility without knowing what exactly it was doing. Sully acquired the source code, verified it was safe and gave it a try. Hallelujah- it worked perfectly.

SafariSort is Born

Sully quickly realized that the Sortosaurus script was a great option to sort Safari bookmarks. One problem, many non-power Apple/Mac users might be intimidated by having to open the Terminal app and executing a command line utility. This is when and why SafariSoft was created. SafariSort is a GUI package that runs the command line utility in a visually appealing, simple user-friendly format. What a nice guy that Sully is.

Wait There's More

Along with the simple presentation of the SafariSort app comes a few additional features. The core Sortosaurus script remains simular, however it has been tweaked and recompiled for x86_64 plus the option to choose sorting was added. Additionally SafariSort creates a backup of your existing bookmarks prior to sorting. If there is a technical issue or you simply don't like your bookmarks sorted, you can easily revert to your saved backup file.

Who The Heck Is Sully

Sully is the founder and author of several great websites (including this one). SafariSort was originally distributed and supported via Sully's blog